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Rigter Handelsonderneming is exhibiting at the IFAT trade fair in Munich from 30 May to 3 June.
The IFAT is the world's largest exhibition/show in the field of recycling.
All new techniques and inventions are presented here.
The fair is about 25 football fields in size and customers from all over the world will come here.

Another great assignment for Bonneveld from Bunschoten.
Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to come up with a practical solution to cut off the piles that were still below ground level.

The piles are in the way for the new cellar that will be built, where the reinforcing iron in particular was a challenge.

But the combi shear with a long blade and concrete teeth at the front cut through it nicely..

 Full throttle to the next job!

For Levvel/Van Oord, Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to help and think about practical solutions.

With a wire crane on a work vessel, concrete blocks of 12 tons had to be placed on the Afsluitdijk.

A hydraulic powerpack provided the solution here. A special block picker was mounted under the powerpack, the pressure and liters were properly adjusted so they could get started.

Everything was operated at a safe distance and with mega range and production.

This is what they live for as Rigter Handelsonderneming, practical thinking together.

Rigter Handelsonderneming was once again able to deliver beautiful tools to Lek Sloopwerken for the project of the demolition of the Zeesluis in Terneuzen. Attached to the Liebherr 980 is a nice Kinshofer orange peel grab of the model P120 and a robust Kinshofer Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets with 4 cylinders for mega closing force.

After the dramatic delivery times of 2021 and start of 2022, it is starting to run again.
Rigter Handelsonderneming has some stock again in terms of Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets and orange peel grabs.

The Kinshofer grab grabs excel in closing force, speed and lifespan.
10 identical pins and bushes of 80mm diameter, simply strong.