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Zonneveld and Verhoef from Eemnes currently rents a powerpack and Kinshofer HPX grab from Rigter Handelsonderneming.

The complete set runs on a constructionsite of “van Wijnen”.

The construction pit is characterized by little space on the sides and back, and construction must not be delayed by driving over the screed with small shovels.

Driving through the Netherlands, you will see maintenance-free Kinshofer HPX grippers everywhere along the roads.

The’re ideal for handling and digging work due to the high closing force.

And in the channels you can see the Kinshofer HPX transfer grabs of 700 and 1000 liters everywhere with the striking red scales.

Maximum production with the three tines orange peel grab from Rigter / Kinshofer

Since the introduction of the fixed Kinshofer 3-tooth orange peel grab in wood recycling and green recycling, around 27 have since been sold.

Tuytel BV has also invested in a Kinshofer P25VR-1250 3-tooth orange peel grab.
This makes it easy to keep up the Lindner schredder with the Fuchs crane.

Because the crane operator can turn slowly, there is time to keep a close eye on the shredder and environment and due to the low penetration force that is required compared to a sorting grab, maximum fuel is saved and has the overall construction of the transfer crane to endure less.

Hardly any lateral or additional other loads are placed on the boom, slewing ring and support legs.

As a result, the lifespan of the crane is longer, fuel consumption is lower and operator comfort is higher.

Rigter Handelsonderneming is happy to come by for a demo.

Since 2010, Rigter Handelsonderneming has been supplying equipment at Beelen's various locations. From pulverizers from Demarec to orange peel grabd and Re-Handling Clamshell Buckets from Kinshofer.

For the Terneuzen yard, Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to supply the Multidocker with a beautiful Kinshofer C60VHD - 3500-liter -rehandling grab. This grab has exceptional closing force for the various products.

Goeyvaerts from Belgium rents cranes throughout the Benelux, where many have to switch between the various equipment items.
At Arcelor Mittal in Ghent various boats come in every day with different products.
Sometimes coal comes in and then sand, iron, steel rolls or stones.