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After 24 years of loyal service, the old truck has left the company.
500,000 loyal trouble-free kilometers, 1 liter of diesel ran on a 6-kilometer drive.
Also ran 125 kilometers per hour and still the black disc in it.
But now a beautiful Volvo euro 6 with a beautiful Nooteboom 3 axle steered low loader, automatic gearbox and complete safety package on it.

After many years of being able to supply many attachments to SMT Rental, Rigter Handelsonderneming has now also been asked a few times to build Oilquick on Volvo cranes.
They have already been able to build several OQ80s and a few more will be added in the coming months.
Rigter Handelsonderneming is increasingly able to supply the full package.

De Bam had a challenge for strengthening the foundations of electricity pylons.
The demand came on May 1 and they had to run on June 20.
A concept was drawn, calculated, reviewed and approved together with the Bam technicians.
Delivered on time as agreed and it functions to full satisfaction.

After Rigter Handelsonderneming already delivered a fully automatic Quick coupler from Steelwrist this spring, the attachment equipment is now being expanded with a beautiful Demarec DSP30 extreme pulverizer.
The DSP-30 extreme from Demarec has all interchangeable wearing parts and excels in speed and beautiful clean residual products: clean rubble and clean iron.
Maximum production/maximum yield of the residual product
This pulverizer is also equipped with an SQ70/55 open-S steelwrist quick coupler. 

Rigter is definitely the quick change specialist.

With its own weight of 20,000 kilograms and a spread of more than 5 meters, this is the largest demolition grab in the world. The grab is more than 3 meters high and with a closing force of over 230 kn, this grab is suitable for the toughest jobs. 

Robust concrete structures can also be easily demolished with this.

This grab will mainly be used offshore for handling stones and blocks weighing up to 45 tons.

Working safely and quickly with ebb and flow at breakwaters or dyke improvements.

The Zijtveld S20000-D can also be used suspended under a wire crane with a hydraulic power pack to pinch off or safely lift elements of a building high up in the demolition area.