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Rigter Handelsonderneming was allowed to rebuild a Caterpillar 352 to Oilquick 90 for Thijs Heezen.

In addition, they were allowed to supply an MQP60 and a beautiful Kinshofer FX 5000 hammer and several Oilquick 90 plates for the various tools.

ZHD from Dordrecht has bought a second large transhipment crane for the Dordrecht.The Sennebogen 875 already had a Kinshofer / Riedelberger / Rigter system with now 8500 hours and now there is also a Kinshofer / Riedlberger / Rigter system on the Mantsinen 140.With this system they can continue to change quickly and safely without getting out.

For 7 years now, Rigter Handelsonderneming has been able to supply polyp grabs in Lelystad to Arjan.
Together with the Fuchs cranes, the orange peel grabs form a strong combination.
It concerns the Kinshofer P40 series with 4 arms, with the improvements since 2022.
On slewing ring / thicker head part, longer bushes in shell arm and better protection plate attachment.

From today, January 17 to January 20, the Infractech fair is in the Ahoy in Rotterdam.
We will also be there at stand 1005 with various firsts, such as a new hydraulic suction bucket and the MAC-rock sieve bucket with axial shafts.

Rigter Handelsonderneming is nicely building up the Infratech fair in the Ahoy with 2 real scoops. The patents have been approved so they can be presented.

The first is the Hemos hydraulic suction excavator attachment, because tis one works without filters, they can keep the weight low and the capacity mega high. With filters you lose a lot of power and now the entire capacity is used for suction. He sucks the vowels out of the street.
Due to the simple control, the unit fits every crane from 12 tons, there will be a smaller version in the future.