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During the open days we were the first to show the new and biggest HPX drive.
The new HPX has been established through intensive cooperation between Rigter's Handelsonderneming and Kinshofer.
In more than two years, Gerard and Kees have been driving up and down to the Kinshofer factory in Germany to consult,
test, and make adjustments. Last year, a HPX drive with re-handling clamshells has been tested by a number of customers
and the comments are only positive.

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June were the open days of Rigter Handelsonderneming. Because the arable farm existed 40 years, the wage company 20 years and Rigter Handelsonderneming B.V. 14 years and the new canteen and warehouse had to be officially opened, we thought it was time to invite our customers and suppliers to come and our company.

Machen Sie sich einen Eindruck von der Arbeit mit dem neuen NOX Tiltrotator von KINSHOFER und sehen Sie sich den Film an.

Kinshofer GmbH from Germany and the U.S.A. based company Solesbee’s Equipment and Attachments, LLC. (Solesbee’s) announced today that they have signed a definite agreement to merge. Under the terms of the agreement Kinshofer has acquired more than 96% of the LLC Units of Solesbee’s.