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What a year, the Rigter team has never worked as hard as in 2022.
No delivery goes normally and on time, as a Rigter team we have triple work on every deal.
We get Parker engines hydraulic hoses and anywhere in Europe, different types of steel anywhere in Europe or further afield.
All to help our suppliers to continue building or to supervise it, we arrange freelancers or temporary workers for several factories and try to keep everything running smoothly, unfortunately this is not always easy.
But we are positively moving forward with 110% commitment.

Marc Huys has also purchased a Kinshofer rotary pulverizer with exchangeable wearing parts and affordable/reliable cylinder technology.

At Rigter Handelsonderneming in Eemnes it is nice and busy, today they were allowed to deliver 3 beautiful pulverizers.

It concerns two Kinshofer FRK26 pulverizers with interchangeable wearing parts and reliable and affordable cylinder technology, one with OQ70/55.

And the eye catcher of the week, a nice rebuild Demarec MQP60 with crushing jaw and a demolition jaw.

Rigter Handelsonderneming is setting up a new warehouse.
For this they have purchased a new electric forklift from loyal Kinshofer dealer De Kruif Machines from Stoe, Bart thanks again.

At Rigter Handelsonderneming in Eemnes, another 3 beautiful Kinshofer FRK26 rotating pulverizers with exchangeable wearing parts, a robust head part and with reliable affordable cylinder technology have been delivered.