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A nice Kinshofer MCK20 crusher on the CAT349 reach boom.
All interchangeable wearing parts and good closing force make the shear complete.
The reliable simple cylinder technology means that you can use it worldwide.

Sugar beets have been associated with the Rigter family for 47 years.
Since 1976 they have been grown in Eemnes and later in Groningen.

Together with Hemos in the 90s and early 2000s with the self-propelled beet cleaners and since 2003 with the Kinshofer beet grabs with Rigter Handelsonderneming.

Om onderwaterwerken goed uit te voeren worden er regelmatig vlakgravers gebruikt.

Vooral Nederlandse bedrijven werken hiermee over de hele wereld.

Deze grijpers hebben in tegenstelling tot normale grijpers en relatief vlakke graafcurve wat nodig is omdat na het ontgraven vaak beton gestort word of zinkstukken gelegd worden , of omdat er vervuilde bagger ligt die vlak afgegraven moet worden voor minimale vermenging van producten.

Kinshofer and Rigter Handelsonderneming also supply barrel clamps for loader cranes for 200L and 60L drums.

Because radioactivity detection can also be built on the barrel clamp, they can also be used for the chemical industry.

Kinshofer is the worldwide market leader when it comes to barrel clamps.

After Rigter Handelsonderneming sold the first Kinshofer C100VHD grab to Spaansen 2 years ago, they have now delivered the second after great satisfaction from Spaansen

The short arm Sennebogen 875 now has mega production on the ship YED PRIOR.

If they scoop well, they are empty within 2 hours.