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Rigter handelsonderneming and Kinshofer also supply specials for car recycling.
With this maintenance-free grab, catalytic converters, wiring harnesses, radiators or other valuable material can be easily pulled out of the car.

Kees Rigter was on a customer visit on Saturday morning.

The sun was shining beautifully, hence these beautiful photos with beautiful surroundings, machines, grabs and quick couplers.

What a nice job we have, big playmobile

A nice delivert by Kinshofer to Kiesel / Fuchs Germany.
It is a tilting and rotatable manipulator for steel or wooden beams/tubes.
It can accommodate different lengths/weights and types of tubes/beams.

Rigter Handelsonderneming from Eemnes had another nice challenging project for a customer.
Dirk Bos from Bos Operators B.V. currently rents out several cranes on a demolition project of Rene Oud.

In Wormerveer a Kinshofer KSC06 scrap shear has been delivered for a Takeuchi mini exavator.