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Kinshofer D37 HPX

kinshofer d37hpx
kinshofer d37hpxkinshofer hpx

Kinshofer D37HPX rappins de Démolition & de Triage avec HPXdrive


Démo / location

€ 18.000

Robust universal grab with HPXdrive for excavators with up to 37t operating weight. Well-suited for

demolition and seperation of all kinds of building materials and waste,

▷ HPXdrive – the revolutionary concept for hydraulically operated grabs!

The rotation of the arms of the grab is generated by two hollow shafts,

which run opposed and have a helix thread, hydraulically driven by a

single piston. No hydraulic cylinder required.

▷ 50% longer life cycle. dThe drive unit runs in a permanent oil

bath – no lubrication necessary. Resistant against dirt and

blows due to the compact design.

▷ Constant closing forces during the entire opening and

closing process.

▷ With integrated rotation: Swivel and bevel sealed. Rotary

feedthrough and motor accessible directly.

Also as version with integrated OQ-adapter.

▷ Integrated pressure relief valve to avoid peak-pressures.

▷ The grabs feature perforated shells to let fine dust and debris through without larger pieces getting

caught. The durable, replaceable and indexable wear blades (500HB) enable the grabs to pinch with

their edges without excessive wear.

Type E  (mm): D37HPX-125 
Width A (mm): 1250 
Opening C (mm): 2250 
Height max. (mm): 1930 
Height C (Liter): 1420 
Volume min. (kg): 1100 
Weight capacity (kg): 2300 
Load force (kN): 9000 
Closing weight (t): 69  

Réf: HO200164

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Kinshofer HPX
Kinshofer HPX sorteergrijper
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Kinshofer D37HPX sorteergrijper
Kinshofer D37HPX sloopgrijper
Kinshofer D37HPX sortiergreifer
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Kinshofer D37HPX démolitiongrappins

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