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Metal recycling company De Horne has bought a beautiful Kinshofer shear for their Volvo EC88 at Rigter Handelsonderneming. A good combination of weight and productivity. The KSC06 Kinshofer shear has a robust swivel head section.

It also has an exchangeable nose blade plus interchangeable and rotating blades in the jaws. Due to the long-stroke cylinder, the shear has sufficient closing force for standard operations. De Horne already had a Kinshofer D09HPX grapple on the EC88 Volvo machine. Together with the Kinshofer KSC06 shear, the combination is now complete. Recycling with the right tools: Rigter Handelsonderneming.

After delivering the first Hammer/Kinshofer tools a few weeks ago, a whole load of stock and sold tools has arrived from Italy. It concerns iron cutters/ crushers/ rotary pulverisers and rotary concrete cutters. This can be delivered immediately to your project or rented from Eemnes. All excellent solid tools for the right price.

We now receive training and a spare parts stock for the new products from Italy. So that we can advise and support our customers. A dealer with added value, Rigter Handelsonderneming Eemnes. The website is not yet fully adapted to Hammer/Kinshofer, Cangini Benne/Kinshofer, but we are working on it. Soon an update.

Now that we have 12 years of experience with the rotary tilters, they are getting better and better. Rigter Handelsonderneming is starting to sell the Kinshofer tilts without cylinders again. 

We also rent these pieces in Eemnes on a project basis. At this moment we have 3 types: cw10/cw10 cw3/cw3 and cw4/cw4. We can also deliver the tipping pieces of Cangini Benne from Italy. More news about that soon.

In this way, we always try to supply customers with the right product for the right price. Quality always wins.

At BST in Kallo, we were asked to refurbish a shovel bucket from a Caterpillar 972. Unfortunately, the bucket had some play on the shovel, the holes were broken out. We then welded the holes shut and turned them out to the correct size.

This way, an older bucket or grab doesn't have to be written off immediately. Rigter Handelsonderneming also makes equipment of other brands.

We like to help the client in the right direction or give advice on what to do. Ask for an offer without engagement:

Hooijer from Renkum demolished a chimney 55 meters high in Echteld. The first meters were demolished with aerial platforms and hand tools, but when the chimney became thicker, more solid Rigter Handelsonderneming was called. We were allowed to deliver a 500-kilo powerpack with a concrete shear of about 900 kilos.

This set was hanging in the telescopic crane of Jenissen and was operated by people of Hooijer from Renkum. The demolition went very well, and many meters were made, together something beautiful was accomplished.

Probably there are still a few chimneys to come and other high complicated jobs. So we hope/wait by the phone, thanks in advance for this job.